Posted on May 27, 2020

1stChoice Merchant Solutions

One of the biggest pains points that merchants have is cash flow. Clover Rapid Deposit solves a merchant’s need to access their money immediately.
** Value Proposition **
Rapid Deposit gives merchants the peace of mind that they’ll be able to access the funds from their sales whenever they need it. With instant access to their funds, merchants can use it towards payroll vendor payments, buying supplies, and any other business needs they have.
** Merchant Benefits **
• Your own money: Rapid Deposit is not a loan. The funds are the merchant’s own money so there is no balance to pay back or interest rate.
• Speed and accessibility: Merchants avoid the lag time and uncertainty of the traditional settlement funding process.
• Peace of mind: For merchants with cash flow constraints, Clover Rapid Deposit provides easy access to funds whenever they are needed.
• Low fee: The fee for Rapid Deposit is just 1% of the amount funded (same as our competitors).
• No limitation: Unlimited requests in a 24-hour period.
• Strategic advantage: Rapid Deposit can be leveraged strategically as a funding resource during time-sensitive circumstances.
• Simple set-up process: Enrollment takes just a few minutes on the Clover Dashboard. A merchant can request a deposit in multiple ways; the deposits are processed faster.
• Security: To keep a merchant’s account safe, Clover does not store their debit card information. Instead, Clover keeps a token, which is safe and secure.
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